These notes record the results of my reading and reflection over many years of Bible study.

It’s an open-ended project: I’m adding to and updating the notes on a continuing basis.

I am in the process of moving the basis of my Bible Study Notes from the NIV (1984) to the NET© Bible.  I am doing so because the latter has more generous copyright rules.

I have indicated the sources of quotations wherever these could be recalled.  Any errors or omissions in the acknowledgement of sources will be promptly remedied as I become aware of them.  I have not routinely given page numbers, as in many cases I have been working from electronic versions of the work.  The most extensive range of modern (i.e. copyrighted) works is available from Logos Bible Software.

These are some of the principal works referred to in these notes:-

Barnes – Barnes’ Notes on the Old and New Testaments
BST – The Bible Speaks Today (IVP)
Calvin – Calvin’s commentaries
College Press – College Press New Testament Commentaries
DBI – Dictionary of Biblical Imagery (IVP)
DJG – Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels (IVP) – 1st and 2nd editions
DPL – Dictionary of Paul and his Letters (IVP)
DLNT – Dictionary of the Later New Testament (IVP)
DNTB – Dictionary of New Testament Background (IVP
DSB – Daily Study Bible
DTIB – Dictionary for the Theological Interpretation of the Bible
EDBT – Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology
EDT – Evangelical Dictionary of Theology
HBA – Handbook of Bible Application
Hendriksen – New Testament Commentary
Holman – Holman Bible Dictionary
HSB – Hard Sayings of the Bible
ISBE – International Standard Bible Encylopaedia (2nd ed.)
IVP Bible Background Commentary
JFB – Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary
MHC – Matthew Henry Commentary
NAC – New American Commentary
NBC – New Bible Commentary (IVP)
NBD – New Bible Dictionary (IVP)
NDT – New Dictionary of Theology
New Geneva – New Geneva Study Bible
TNTC – Tyndale New Testament Commentary
TOTC – Tyndale Old Testament Commentary
WBC – Word Biblical Commentary

Other commonly-cited references:-

Packer, J.I., Concise Theology
Spurgeon, C.H., The Treasury of David
Watson, Thomas, A Body of Divinity
Ryle, J.C., Expository Thoughts on the Gospels

Other Abbreviations

AV – Authorised Version
cf. – compare with
lit. – literal/literally
LXX – Septuagint (ancient Greek translation of the Old Testament)
MSS – manuscripts
Gk – Greek
Heb – Hebrew
NIV – New International Version
NT – New Testament
OT – Old Testament
RSV – Revised Standard Version