Psa 79:1 A psalm of Asaph. O God, the nations have invaded your inheritance; they have defiled your holy temple, they have reduced Jerusalem to rubble.

Psa 79:2 They have given the dead bodies of your servants as food to the birds of the air, the flesh of your saints to the beasts of the earth.

Psa 79:3 They have poured out blood like water all around Jerusalem, and there is no-one to bury the dead.

Psa 79:4 We are objects of reproach to our neighbours, of scorn and derision to those around us.

Psa 79:5 How long, O LORD? Will you be angry for ever? How long will your jealousy burn like fire?

Psa 79:6 Pour out your wrath on the nations that do not acknowledge you, on the kingdoms that do not call on your name;

Psa 79:7 for they have devoured Jacob and destroyed his homeland.

Psa 79:8 Do not hold against us the sins of the fathers; may your mercy come quickly to meet us, for we are in desperate need.

Psa 79:9 Help us, O God our Saviour, for the glory of your name; deliver us and forgive our sins for your name’s sake.

‘The good which God doth unto his church, be it temporal or spiritual, is for his own sake. What I do (saith God), I do for mine holy name’s sake; there is nothing to move me but mine own name; that is holy, great, and glorious, and I will for my name’s sake do much for my church and people. That they were preserved in Babylon, was for his holy name’s sake; that they were brought out of Babylon, was for his holy name’s sake; that they were replanted in Canaan, was for his holy name’s sake; that they had a temple, sacrifices, priests, prophets, ordinances again, was for his name’s sake; when they were near to destruction often, in former days, God wrought for his name’s sake, Ezek. 20; so Isa 48:8, Isa 48:9. It is not for the enemies’ sake that God doth preserve or deliver his people; nor for their sakes, their prayers, tears, faith, obedience, holiness, that he doth great things for them, bestows great mercies upon them; but it is for his own name’s sake. For man’s sake God cursed the earth, Gen 8:21; but it is for his name’s sake that he blesseth it. The choicest mercies God’s people have, are for his name’s sake: they have pardon of sin for his name’s sake, Psa 25:11, 1 Jn 2:12; purging of sin for his name’s sake; Psa 79:9; leading in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake, Psa 23:2; quickening of their dead and dull hearts for his name’s sake, Psa 143:11. Though his people offend him, yet he forsakes them not, for his great name’s sake.’ – William Greenhill (Quoted by Spurgeon)

Psa 79:10 Why should the nations say, “Where is their God?” Before our eyes, make known among the nations that you avenge the outpoured blood of your servants.

Psa 79:11 May the groans of the prisoners come before you; by the strength of your arm preserve those condemned to die.

Psa 79:12 Pay back into the laps of our neighbours seven times the reproach they have hurled at you, O Lord.