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The value of the Psalms

Fee and Stuart (How To Read The Bible For All Its Worth) outline three benefits of the Psalms for both their ancient and modern readers:-

1. ‘The psalms can serve as a guide to worship. By this we mean that the worshiper who seeks to praise God or to appeal to God or to remember God’s benefits can use the psalms as a formal means of expression of his or her thoughts and feelings.…

Praying the Psalms politically

John Goldingay writes:-

In his book Where Your Treasure Is: Psalms that Summon You from Self to Community, Eugene Peterson studies “psalms that shaped the politics of Israel and can shape the politics of America” [or Great Britain]:

2            the unselfing of America
87          unself-made
110        unself-centered
93          unself-government
46          unself-help
62          unself-assertion
77          unself-pity
14          unself-righteous
82          unself-serving
114        unself-sufficient
45          unself-love

He comments, “writing about prayer is not prayer; neither is reading about it.…

Who are ‘the righteous’ in the Psalms?

On a number of occasions, David and the other psalmists claim for themselves an innocence that appears to be unwarranted.  Was not David guilty of grievous sins, and did he not know it (Psa 51)?  Are we all not at best forgiven sinners, for whom protestations of innocence are always and entirely out of place?

This issue is helpfully discussed by Christopher Ash in Volume One of Teaching Psalms (chapter 6).  Here’s a summary.

We meet those who can be referred to as ‘righteous’ as early as Psalm 1:5.…