Category: Humility

Signs of humility

From Jeremy Taylor, Works, Vol 5:-

  1. The humble man trusts not so much to his own discretion in important matters, as to that of his friends and spiritual guides
  2. he does not pertinaciously follow his own will, nor murmur against commands, nor is too inquisitive into the reasons of them
  3. he lives in compliance with public customs without affectation
  4. he is meek, and patiently bears injuries
  5. is a lover of good and wise men
  6. is no censurer of others
  7. fears when he is commended
  8. gives no pert answers
  9. refuses the temptations of offices and honors
  10. amends his faults with thankfulness
  11. is ingenuous and open
  12. ready to do good offices, even to his slanderers
  13. contented to be the object of suspicion, provided he be really innocent before God.

Quotes on Humility

It is the person who most knows himself liable to fall that will be most ready to overlook any offences from his fellow men. (Alexander Auld) 

The Christian is like the ripening corn; the riper he grows, the more lowly he bends his head. (Thomas Guthrie)

‘The truly humble Christian does not inquire into his neighbour’s faults; he takes no pleasure in judging them; he is occupied wholly with his own.’ (Athanasius)…