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What does it mean to adopt a simpler lifestyle?  Richard Foster suggests a number of aspects:-

1.  Simplicity means unity of heart and singleness of purpose.  Our one desire is to obey Christ in all things.  Our one purpose is to glorify him in all things.  We have only one use for money – to advance his kingdom.  Jesus taught us to have a ‘single’ eye, Mt 6:22.

2.  Simplicity means joy in God’s good creation. …

Money – sermon notes

Text: 1 Timothy 6:3-10, 17-19

Which of the following is the odd one out? Faith, doctrine, Scripture, gospel, salvation, money.  Answer: none of them!

Money is a spiritual issue.  Martin Luther observed that “there are three conversions necessary: the conversion of the heart, of the mind and of the purse.”

Consider the story of Zacchaeus, Luke 19. As a chief tax collector, Zacchaeus would have been very wealthy indeed. When he encounters Jesus, his response is, “Look, Lord!…

Principles of giving

What principles should govern a Christian approach to giving?  Richard Foster offers the following suggestions:-

1.  Let us give proportionately.  ‘Proportionate to what?  Proportionate to the accumulated wealth of one’s family?  Proportionate to one’s income and the demands upon it, which vary from family to family?  Proportionate to one’s sense of security and the degree of anxiety with which one lives?  Proportionate to the keenness of our awareness of those who suffer?  Proportionate to our sense of justice and of God’s ownership of all wealth? …

Mastering Mammon

Given that, in biblical teaching, money has a dark side as well as a light side, Richard Foster offers some helpful counsel:-

1.  Listen to the biblical witness about money.…

What the Bible teaches about material possessions

Towards the end of his thorough survey of biblical teaching on money and possessions, Craig Blomberg draws the following conclusions:-

1.  Material possessions are a good gift from God meant for his people to enjoy

God created a good world, desires that all have at least some property, and blessed Israel with material possessions in response to their obedience.  Job, Abraham, David and Solomon demonstrate that riches and godliness can co-exist, if sometimes precariously.  Wisdom literature teaches that wholesome work is rewarded materially. …

The grace of giving – sermon notes

Text: 1 Chron 29:1-20; 2 Corinthians 8:1-10

This sermon was not prepared for a special Sunday devoted to the church’s finances, but for an ordinary Sunday when our text happened to be all about giving.

How many people are like me? They’ve had it on their minds for some time to review their giving to the work of God, but not quite got round to it.

Here are two very different situations. In the first, King David, right at the end of his earthly life, is passing on the responsibility for building the temple to Solomon, and is holding a fund-raising day.…

What Westerners spend their money on

‘It is astonishing,’ writes Craig Blomberg, ‘to see what Westerners spend their money on.’  Compared with what Americans spend on overseas Protestant ministries, they spend approximately

  • one and a half times as much on chewing gum
  • twice as much on cut flowers
  • five times as much on pets
  • seven times as much on sweets
  • seventeen times as much on dieting
  • twenty times as much on sporting activities
  • twenty-six times as much on soft drinks
  • 140 times as much on legalised gambling

Neither Poverty Nor Riches, IVP, 1999, p19

[Although these figures date back to the 1980s and early 90s, there is no reason to suppose that the general trend has reversed.]…