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The kingdom of God in Acts

Jesus ‘spoke about the kingdom of God’ throughout his post-resurrection ministry, Acts 1:3. The kingdom is the ‘good news’ which Philip proclaimed to the Samaritans, Acts 8:12.

God’s rule originates in past eternity, as the words ‘appointed’, ‘plan’, ‘purpose’, ‘ordained’, ‘predestined’, and ‘foreknowledge’ suggest. (Ac 2:23 4:28 3:20 20:27 21:14 13:48-49 )

It extends to the control of nations, Acts 17:26-27; and to the providential support of all human life, Acts 14:17 17:25-26. But it is especially apparent in God’s provision of salvation; for it is God who calls men, Acts 2:39; adds to the church, Acts 2:47; turns men from wickedness, Acts 3:26; grants repentance and forgiveness, Acts 5:31 13:48.…

The gospel is the story of Jesus

Many Christians feel a tension between the teaching of Jesus in the Gospels and that of Paul in his Epistles.  The central theme of Jesus, it would appear, was ‘the kingdom of God’, and the main focus of Paul was ‘justification by faith’.  These themes are so different that any attempt to reconcile them seems futile.  We then allow Jesus and Paul to be set up in opposition to one another, and end taking sides in favour of one or the other.…

The Kingdom dies? – sermon notes

(This was part of a series on the Kingdom of God.)

Text: Mt 27

The theme of God’s kingdom is prominent in Matthew’s Gospel:-

1:1 – ‘the son of David’
2:2 – “Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews?”
3 – John and Jesus announce, ‘The kingdom of heaven has drawn near.’
5 – The kingdom of heaven belongs to the poor in spirit and to those who are persecuted.
6 – ‘Your kingdom come…Seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness.’
13 – He taught them the ‘parables of the kingdom’.…

The Kingdom of God in Matthew’s Gospel

Matthew’s Gospel contains rich teaching on the kingdom of God, with thirty-two sayings peculiar to himself.

Mt 3:2 – John preaches repentance in view of the nearness of the kingdom of heaven.

Mt 4:17 – from the time of John’s arrest onwards, the same message is found on the lips of Jesus.

In Mt 4:23; 9:35 this message is linked with Jesus’ ministry of healing.  In Mt 10:5-8 Jesus commissions the Twelve with the same message and ministry.…

The Kingdom of God in Mark’s Gospel

Mk 1:15 – Mark introduces the public ministry of Jesus with his proclamation that, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe the gospel”.

Mk 4 relates the teaching of Jesus in which the mystery of the kingdom is explained to his disicples, but conveyed to others in dark parables, Mk 4:11.  The kingdom is likened to seed which is sown, shoots up, and grows quietly, Mk 4:26.  Mk 4:30 stresses the contrast between the insignificant beginning and the immense growth of the kingdom of God.…

How the emerging church marginalises the gospel

For emerging church people, Jesus’ message of kingdom tends to be all about what God is doing here and now.  It is about peace, justice, and compassion.  The gospel is an invitation to participate with God in this mission.

Participating in God’s kingdom is not about change in status (unsaved to saved), or about affirming certain doctrines.  It is about following the example of Jesus as the best way to live.

The problem with this understanding of the kingdom is not in what in affirms but in what it denies or marginalises. …

The kingdom of God

The kingdom defined

Graham Goldsworthy (Gospel and Kingdom, 47) has defined the kingdom of God as:

(a) God’s people
(b) in God’s place
(c) under God’s rule


(a) Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
(b) The descendents of the patriarchs in the promised land
(c) The Israelites in the united kingdom of David and Solomon

Along similar lines, we may say that the kingdom of God (or similar expression) is God’s kingly rule manifested in the lives of his people, Lk 17:21, effecting their salvation, Mar 10:28-29. …