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‘A better story’ – 15

To flourish is ‘to realize the full potential of what it means to be created and redeemed in the image of God.’  It is to follow our Creator in being creative.  It is to make more of the world in which he has placed us.

There is also a relational element to human flourishing.  Because relationship is central to God’s being as Trinity, love belongs to his very nature.  And, as God image-bearers, we ourselves are incomplete without God and without one another. …

‘A better story’ – 9

Has the sexual revolution delivered on its promise to deliver more and better sex?

Probably not.

Oxford statistitian David Spiegelhalter reports that, contrary to popular perception, the frequency of ‘having sex’ is actually on the decrease.  No-one knows why this is the case, but it may have something to do with the general business of people’s lives, and with the availability of so many technological diversions – mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

So, if people are not having more sex, are they having better sex? …

50 politically incorrect thoughts for men – 2

11. Male obligations have been re-branded as “privileges”.  The male obligation to provide for his wife and children is now regarded as a privilege.  No-one has bothered to ask men whether they would prefer to go out and work in an office, mine or factory, rather than spend more time with the family.  But if a woman thinks she would be more fulfilled by going out to work, rather than staying at home, she should have the choice.  …