Category: Tradition

Scripture and tradition

John Stott (Christ the Controversialist) outlines the following points, arising from Mark 7:1-13:-

1.  Scripture is divine, tradition is human.  What the Pharisees referred to as ‘the tradition of the elders’, vv3,5, Jesus calls, ‘the precepts of men’, v7, and ‘the tradition of men’, v8.  ‘Thus we have our Lord’s own authority for distinguishing between Scripture and tradition as between God’s Word written and all human interpretations and accretions…Therefore as Jesus distinguished between Moses and the elders, so we must distinguish between apostolic tradition (which is Scripture) and ecclesiastical tradition (which is the teaching of the church). …

The sufficiency of Scripture

Three lines of argument converge to persuade us of the sufficiency of Scripture:-

(a) Jesus Christ. As Heb 1:1-2 asserts, the previous, and partial revelation of God is completed by the final and perfect revelation in Jesus Christ. And the Bible is the divinely-inspired testimony to the person and work of Christ.

(b) Salvation history. All that God has to do, and say, in connection with the bringing of salvation to the world, has been done and said.…

In praise of tradition

Evangelicals can sometimes be understandably nervous about ‘tradition’.  But J.I. Packer reminds us of a number of benefits of Christian tradition:-

1.  Roots.  Just as a individual can gain inspiration and identity from learning about the family from which he sprang; just as a solider learns standards and ideals from learning about his regiment’s illustrious past; so conscious solidarity with the story of God’s family on earth over the past two thousand years can be strengthening and enriching.…